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What We Do

Here at DrinkAtlas, we believe that drinks are not just liquids in a glass, but they express cultures, tell stories, and can be the basis of experiences. That’s why we bring alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a passion that few have.


Listing of drinks and tours on the map

DrinkAtlas is not just a drink culture site, but it is equipped with a map-based search engine where all information is easily and quickly accessible. Here you can not only read about the drinks, but with the help of the map, you can feel almost at the place of production.
Inspired by our special tour suggestions, you can also explore the world of drinks. You can follow the routes exactly on our map, so you can easily plan your visits.
Map - Glasgow - Islay
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Detailed attributes of the drinks

You don’t fancy the fancy descriptions? 

We provide the major attributes of the drinks at a glance.


Enjoy the drinks at their birthplaces

DrinkAtlas is targeting drink enthusiasts who are interested in the taste and aroma of drinks as much as the people behind them.

Those who want to learn the secrets of the birth of drinks and are willing to leave the everyday life behind during an exciting factory, distillery, or brewery visit, can have a lot of fun.

Get authentic experience!

Understand how the drinks are made

The production of beverages is no longer the privilege of large factories.

With the help of DrinkAtlas, you can also look into production processes that – if your local law allows – you can try at home, in your kitchen.